Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grandma and Bapa

For a while now, my grandparents (on my Mom's side) have been wanting to come visit us. It's been five years since they've been here, and they love coming here! So now, finally, they are here! They're staying for a little more than a month, which means they'll be here to Easter too.

Let me introduce my grandparents to you.

First, this is my Bapa (the name given to him by Tyler when he was a little kid):
He is so kind, hard-working, generous, and loves to have a good laugh. When he comes to Czech he can't get enough "kolaci" (as he calls them), which are typical Czech pastries. Bapa is actually half Czech (his grandparents were both from Czech), so he feels right at home here. His hobby is yard-work, which he does marvelously! Good thing he likes working in the yard, because there's never ending work to be done in our yard! He adores my grandma, and often tells me how beautiful she is. He is totally still in love with her. It's so sweet the way he treats her.

When Bapa is at home, he gets terrible headaches, so has to have couple shots of espresso a day to ease the pain. Somehow, miraculously, when he's here in Czech, he doesn't get headaches! Praise God! It's been fun to see him full of energy and health.

Now, meet my Grandma:
I wish I had a picture where you could see more of her elegance, but in a way, this one captures her beauty too. Her blue eyes are striking!
Grandma is one of the most elegant women I know. She carries herself with such poise and beauty. She is an amazing cook, and always makes sure we're taken care of throughout the day. One of her hobbies is taking pictures with her old little Canon. She doesn't know much about cameras, but despite that she just loves capturing memories! She is also very interested in healthy living, and does everything she can to support her and Bapa's health. She takes care of Bapa well when he's not feeling good! Grandma loves all things that are pretty, whether it be a simple necklace, a pink flower, or a crystal bowl... those things all make her so happy.  

It's great having them here with us. It's not very often that I get to see my grandparents every day! We love making memories together. I love them!


  1. Claire you are a great writer with a wonderful insight into your Grandparents. Thank you for sharing a snapshot of this time of your life.

  2. Your Grandma's eyes are really beautiful!

  3. Thank you Lada! :) I agree! Uncle Mike, I wish you could be here to join in on the fun! :)

  4. Just found this post it! How I'd love to be home, having them visit, with you there too of course! Bapa needs a kolaci! :)


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