Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is coming...it's on its way

 Don't you just love when spring subtly comes along? Those warm breezes are refreshing; the sun lightens our mood; every blooming flower is a little surprise of color.

To brighten your day, I'll show you a place that is very close to my heart...
This path actually has a lot of meaning to me. When the Pitchers (a missionary family that has now moved back to the U.S.) lived just across the river, this is where we would meet, play and explore. Since they moved, I haven't been around this area. I guess I just forgot about it. But not anymore.
There is a little "farm house" right next to the river (it's really more of a stream, I guess) that has chickens...
...and an adorable little kitty.
When I was a kid, there wasn't a bridge here. We would always hop across rocks to cross the stream. In fact, I hadn't even seen this bridge until now!
What a beautiful way to connect the two sides of this village.
Splashing our feet, collecting pretty rocks, picking flowers, walking as far as we could in the water... I have so many memories here.

Crocuses are one of my favorite flowers, because when they bloom, it is almost guaranteed that Spring is here to stay!
On my way back home.


  1. I love this blog post!!! You took some really cool photos and I loved all the comments about them. Makes me want to go on that walk! :)

  2. Wow! I wish I saw the same up here! I need to go take a walk outside of the city! Thanks Claire!

  3. Oh! These photos bring back lots of memories for me too!! I knew immediately where you were from the first picture! Remember hunting easter eggs around there...and walking the dogs...we sure did have fun! =) Great photos Claire!

  4. Hi claire this brings back SOO much memories all the those times we were in the woods that bridge is new i remember jumping from rock to rock. Glad i found this wonder full post i wish i could walk in those woods again. Thanks for this wonder full post its just what i neded to see to day i wish i could walk to your house to day like i used to Grace

  5. Grace: I'm so glad you wrote! I'm just glad we have fun memories like that- you'd only get that in the country, in a little town like ours. Walking across the fields, across the stream. :) I hope you can come back to this place again some day (soon!). I miss you!


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