Friday, September 17, 2010


God is so good painting the skies! I was IMPRESSED at this evening's sunset! 

Thank you God for making me happy! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Such a great summer!

I said good-bye to the ocean for the year! :(
It's already the beginning of September, which means summer is over. It's sad, but it had to come some time. I must say that it is nice being back on routine, but I do miss later bedtimes (and wake-ups!), no studying to think about and warm mornings (not talking about Czech here...our Summer was cold!).

My Summer this year was an especially good one. God blessed me with some great memories and some refreshing days. I had the opportunity to go to Gull Lake Camp again this year, as well as see my grandparents both in Oregon and Colorado. I got to be a part of the ministry of English camp in Frydlant and helped out with translating in my English group. I spent days cooking and baking with my mom. 

I had a WARM, sunny vacation in our usual place: Hvar, Croatia! I took in every moment of lying in the sun, since we've missed that this year with all the rain. I think that this has been one of (if not the most) rainy years in Czech...I hardly remember any sun! We had some flooding problems twice, which isn't normal either. Thankfully, our house didn't have any problems with it. 

Since vacation is hard to describe in words, here's some pictures! 
Our campsite packed with all the things we wanted to bring...*ehm*, couldn't live without! (Including a coffee maker, a freezer and fridge, fans etc.)
The whole group up at an old abandoned Shepherd's village

Our family! Yep, even Tyler got to be a part of vacation for one of the weeks! He then flew out of Croatia back to Moody.
My team ("BLUE STEEL"!) for games
And how could I possibly forget about this year's JV Kid's Camp? As always, I love spending time with the other MK's, playing games, and learning about God. Aunt Amy taught for us during the week, which I loved!

I learned so much about Jesus and who he really was, but also about Jewish culture and how that made Jesus stand out even more. We worked on memorization of a passage that I now love-- Philippians 2:1-18. It has so many good things in it that really hit home for me! The teaching was what I needed to spur me on as this school year begins, and I love to think back on it. 
All of the JVK and counselors on "Wild and Wacky" Night!

Now I feel like I can get back to work at school. I've loved the summer, and I hope to love the school year too now!