Friday, May 14, 2010

JV Spring Conference

Oh, how I love JV's annual Spring conference! It's always such a blessing to me and I come away feeling filled up and loved by my family in Christ!

CYT (Christian Youth Theater) came to do the kid's program. We all love when CYT comes! We got to do The Lion King play this year! It was so much fun getting to learn all the songs, dances and lines. Though it was a lot of work learning the whole play in 4 days, I enjoyed every minute of it.

I am so thankful to the people who came and gave their time to teach us the play and give us
the opportunity to experience something of American culture that we don't get here! It's amazing that even though we live in different countries, we get to be a part of a play- just like most kids in America get to experience sometime in their life!

It was also great getting to do The Lion King! Ever since I was little, that has been one of my
favorite Disney movies (except for the part where Mufasa dies!). I got to play Zazu the bird,
which was a really fun character to
be! Hehe... I liked playing a snooty, proud, but easily scared bird! Plus, the costume was awesome!!

I love my JV family so much! I thank God for all the people He has put in my life who teach me
and who are good examples to me. And those people are not just in JV! I am surrounded by solid Christians and inspiring people everywhere. It's great to realize just how many
people like that I have around me!