Sunday, April 25, 2010


It's been a week since the volcano in Island (Eyjafjallajokull :D) erupted. I remember reading about how because of it, hundreds of flights were cancelled and thousands of people were stuck in airports and foreign countries. My mom was one of those people! She left to the States for a 10 day trip, and is getting home today...after 17 days!! Her flight got delayed a week because of the volcano!

This volcano makes me realize just HOW powerful our God is and how His plans are perfect. He took care of everyone during all the confusion! The eruption was terrifying, but also beautiful. Is that how people like Moses felt when God spoke to them? I guess that's what "fearing God" means. He's like the volcano. Terrifying, yet also so so beautiful.

When I fear God it means respecting that He is powerful and mighty, but also not being so afraid that I miss out on His beauty!

I found these couple of pictures that show me just how mighty God is and how amazing his creation is! (Not to mention how small Man is!)

God has taken such good care of our family while my mom was gone. Thank you to everyone who helped and for all the prayers!