Saturday, March 20, 2010

Different kind of art post!

Lately, my hobby has been making handmade cards. I make them and send them to people, or sell them/give them to my friends! :) I love it, because it stretches me as an artist and gives me motivation to do art regularly. I like to make each card at least somewhat different, even if it's just changing the colors. Not one card is the same. I have loved experimenting with lots of techniques and figuring out which things I like most. I think it's helping me define my style as an artist!

Card making relaxes me, and gives me so much joy. It's a great thing for me to do when I'm stressed, or just need to have a break. It's a time for me to think and pray, or listen to music!

Here are just a few of the cards I've made recently:

On another note, Spring is finally coming! The crocuses and snow drops are up and it was 60 degrees out today! YES!! Now lets just hope it doesn't snow again!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thoughts and Moments of the Day

Outside my window... snow, yet again! We thought Spring had come, but then it snowed a couple of days ago!

I am thinking... that I should probably clean my room soon! It's messy! :D

I am thankful...for Brian and Aleisha and that they get to be here in Czech!

From the kitchen...Mom just made chocolate-mocha almond flour cookies. Pretty daffodils are on the table!

I am wearing...a long black sweater... I love winter clothes!

I am reading
.... Sense and Sensebility by Jane Austen. It's different, but I like it so far!

I am hoping...that Spring comes soon!

I am going relax this week during Spring break! Yay!

I am creating cards to send, or to give them so that they have hand-made cards to send to other people!

I am hearing...Caleb playing his guitar. It feels good to have him home after not having him here for two weeks. He was first gone because of MSP (a snowboarding camp in Poland), and then he spent a week in the hospital because of pneumonia.

I am praying
...for my mom and Caleb to get better soon. They are both sick!

Around the whole family is home (besides Tyler of course!), and Brian and Aleisha are downstairs!

One of my favorite when Spring flowers arrive in the stores, and we have a vase full of them on our table in the kitchen!

A few plans for the rest of the week
...don't have much in my plan for this week! On Wednesday, I'm gonna go pick up Lucy from school with Mrs Till in Ostrava.

A picture I am sharing
... A beautiful sunset a couple of days ago!