Friday, January 29, 2010

The month of January

This month of January has been full of fun little things that made my days special. I got to celebrate birthdays (you'd be surprised how many there are in January!), and spend time with people that I really love.

Before Tyler left to go back to Moody, I got to have an art day with him! I'd been wanting to do this while he was here for Christmas, but didn't get to it until the very end of his time here. I was so happy that I got to have this special time with Tyler and it's a great memory that I have of him being here. He came into my room with his computer and sketchbook, and we listened to music while fun! We both worked on pictures with the lovely "Copic" markers, which I have come to adore! Although a challenge, they have become one of my favorite art mediums and I've loved experimenting with them.
(My drawing is a portrait- the picture is of someone I found on the internet. Tyler did a doodle (below) that he creatively thought up... it's so fun!)

Caleb's Birthday was another thing that was a really nice perk in the month! It was a pretty low-key party, but wonderful all the same. Mom made a gluten-free German chocolate cake that was to die for!! (link to recipe here) I am so thankful to have Caleb as my brother. He's so thoughtful, fun, adventurous, happy and friendly! It was great celebrating him, and remembering all these things that I love about him throughout the day. Thank you Caleb for being an awesome brother and friend too! :)

In the midst of all these fun things, we've had lots of snow and COLD COLD weather! Last week it got down to -23 C (about -8 F). Since then the temperature has been rising, and now sits at a lame 0 C... not cold enough for the snow to stay completely-- sad! Hopefully it will get colder again and we can have a little more snow. I like the snow at this time of year!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year

This year I had an awesome Christmas celebration! From my time with family, to yummy food, to fun Christmas carols, and the best part: celebrating Jesus' Birthday... everything was so sweet! Tyler flew in 5 days before Christmas, and it felt so special to have him home. The first night we all sat down to have dinner, it felt like our family was full again. Without Tyler, there's just something missing! I've enjoyed the sounds of a full house... walking up the stairs, the clinking of bowls, the closing of doors, and the sweet voices of everyone throughout the house! These sounds make me happy, because I can tell we have everyone at home again.

We spent Christmas Eve with the Till family. I loved being with them! As is tradition, we had fajitas for dinner. There hasn't been a Christmas Eve dinner that I can remember when we haven't had that for dinner!

On Christmas Day, I felt so blessed and happy, as God showed me his love through giving his Son for me, and also for giving me my family, a warm home and cheerful spirits. The Christmas Story means more to me every year, and every year I learn new things about it. I love having a reason to think about Jesus' birth all the time!

On New Year's Eve, the Ellenwood family came over and we had dinner, played
games, and watched some beautiful fireworks! I thought a lot about the year of 2009 and what all happened. I've experienced a lot of exciting things! I ended ninth grade and am now in high-school ; Tyler left for college ; I went to my first English Camp; I'm 15 years old! I've grown a lot through everyday challenges and trials, and I am so thankful to God for all the people who've encouraged me and helped me in this year. Thank you!

I don't know what all the year 2010 will hold, but I thank God for every day that I've had so far and every day that will come!