Saturday, November 28, 2009


This year, I got to celebrate Thanksgiving twice! :)

Thursday, as usual, we celebrated Thanksgiving with our Josiah Venture family. JV Thanksgiving conference is always one of the highlights of my year... what with all that food (the best food I've ever tasted!), lovely people, hangout time, and the annual talent show! Talent shows are so much fun, because (mainly) JV Kids are so talented! I love watching everyone show what they can do, and how God has gifted them.

My second celebration of Thanksgiving happened today! Our youth group organized an evening and brought all the food, and Caleb and I hosted the party at our house. I loved hosting it! It was fun being in an environment where I was really comfortable, and where I could help out. We had a great time chatting and enjoying each others company. :) Those are the bonding moments I love!

I am thankful for SO many things! First of all, I am thankful that I get to have a relationship with Christ, that he loves me, and that He gave His life for me! That's the greatest blessing of all! God has given me so many other blessings too-- My family, friends, my home, my food, a comfy bed, a fireplace with a crackling fire. :) I'm also thankful for prayer, love, peace, the Bible in my own language, a church and a community of Christians around me.

And those are only a few of the things that God has blessed me with! THANK you, Jesus... for EVERYTHING you've given me, and for who YOU are!!!

*The table of food at JV Thanksgiving :)