Saturday, October 24, 2009

15th Birthday

The celebration of my 15th birthday this year was very sweet and enjoyable. Since we were flying to the States the day after, it was a more low-key birthday, which I really enjoyed!

The highlights:
* Started off my day with a beautiful sunrise! I took that as God's birthday present to me :)

* Went to school and got a surprise birthday song and birthday cake baked by one of my friends. It was awesome!

* Went for tea and then took pictures with Hayley

* Yummy black bean soup (Mom made it in the crock pot, and I could smell it all day - it was so tantalizing!

* A "Caleb-friendly" German chocolate cake that my mom was absolutely amazing!

* Lots of birthday wishes throughout the day on Facebook :)

* Went to Frydek Mistek to find a special piece of jewelry

I thank God for all of these 15 years that I have had! I hope this year I can glorify His name even more, and that I can learn more about Him.

Friday, October 2, 2009


My newest artwork (which I actually did over the Summer, but forgot about it until now!) It's done with Copic markers and a drawing pen. Is that what you call them? Or are they black liners? Hmmm... not exactly sure.

Tyler helped me a bit and taught me how to use Copic markers, so thank you Tyler! It was really fun! We made an "art day" out of it. We both had pictures we wanted to do, so we sat outside, put on some music and drew! I loved it! A perfect Summer afternoon spent with my brother. Those are the kind of memories that I like to look back on. I will definitely have to do another one of those art days with Tyler some day! :)