Saturday, July 18, 2009

English Camp

This year, for the first time, I went to English Camp! I was so glad that I went! It was a great experience seeing God's work being done in those kids' lives and how His presence was always felt there.

The theme of the evening
programs was "Stories". Stories of God and His work from the Bible were told every night, and afterward we had discussion groups. The kids had some great questions and some of them were really interested in what was being told. I loved hearing their comments and answers to the questions that were being asked during those discussions.

My favorite night was the last night-- the night we sha
red the Gospel. It was amazing. The story of Jesus dying on the cross and being raised again was told just how it is in the Bible. Then after that, everything started. People were crying, praying, having discussions with people the rest of the evening in the main room.
I went over and sat by my roommate, Eliska, who was sitting off to the side crying, so I went to comfort her. I then asked if she believed the story that was just told and she said "yes". We sat for another half an hour, at least, and in that time, she trusted Christ! We prayed together and she was so happy! I could really see God opened up her heart and let her hear His call.

I wasn't the only one that night that witnessed God's work in the kids' lives. Altogether, eight people trusted Christ. Some that night, some earlier during camp. It was so cool!

I just couldn't get over the happy feeling I got every time I heard someone had trusted Christ. I am rejoicing for those people and praying that they continue now in their walk with the Lord and make Him a part of their lives!

I am so happy I got to be a part of God's work at these English Camps! I am definitely going back next year! :)