Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter celebrations

This year, my Easter celebrations were great! It contained some firsts, and lasts and memories that will always stay in my heart.

Ok, so the thing that was a first for me. This Spring, as I posted before, I got baptized (an amazing experience). This was the first Easter after I have been baptized. I know it's just a symbol, but it almost feels like Easter now is more special to me, now that I am baptized. I rejoiced in the fact that Jesus died on the cross for ME! To forgive MY sins! So that I could live an eternal life with Him, in heaven! It makes me so thankful to know that I don't have to pay for my sins, that He pays for them with His own blood. So praise God for sending His Son for that purpose!

Every year, since I can remember, we have celebrated Easter with the Pitchers (and then with the Tills when they came, and the Bozonovi later too), and every year, as a tradition, we have done an Easter egg hunt. Sadly, this year was the last egg hunt we were doing. What with the Pitchers moving, and all of us kids getting pretty old, we thought it was time to end that tradition. It was a little sad (and kinda cool too though) to think that the next time we do an egg hunt here, at this house, will probably be when we come back with our own children. How weird is that! We enjoyed the pleasure of hunting for candy filled eggs for many years of past, but now, we must go on in life, and find new traditions for our Easter celebrations. :)

Something that I will remember from this Easter, is that feeling I had on Sunday, when I read the passages in the Gospel talking about how He rose from the dead. I got a tingly feeling inside that made me so happy, and I could imagine just how Mary, the disciples, and all the people who loved Jesus, must have felt when they discovered Jesus was alive! It must have been glorious. Just imagine...Mary walked to the tomb, saw an angel who told her Jesus was alive and then got to see Him herself! That's just awesome!

I am so thankful to God that He sent His one and only son, so that I could believe in Him and have everlasting life! Amen!

The picture is of all of us kids participating in the Easter celebrations at the Patty house.