Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Baptism!

Last Sunday I got baptized and it was amazing!

I had been thinking about getting baptized for a while, but just now felt it was time. I got baptized at our church in Frydlant by my pastor, Ken Pitcher, and my dad, which made the experience even more special!

It was so cool the moment I came out of the water. It was such an amazing feeling going under that water and then coming back up, knowing that I am now baptized with Christ. And I love that it was a symbol that I am dead to sin (Romans 6 I think) and alive in Christ! I was buried with Christ ( going under the water) and then rose (coming out of the water) and I had new life!! Its great to be a child of God!

I am so happy that I can know God, that He cares about me, and that I can trust Him with everything and anything!

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