Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas is coming and we've decorated our house!

On Saturday, we decorated out house for Christmas! We set the mood by turning on some Christmas music, and then we got to decorating!

We pulled out all of our ornaments, candles, angels and anything else Christmas-y. It was a lot of fun decorating, and I really got into the spirit if Christmas. I'm now officially "ready" for Christmas to come!

We also got our tree that day...and not just any old tree, but one from our yard! My dad and Caleb scoped out the yard and found the perfect tree, but it was just a bit to big, so they just chopped the top off of it, and that's our Christmas tree! Mom and I then decorated it, while watching "Christmas with the Kranks"!

Now I'm all cozy inside our warm, decorated house...all that's missing is some snow outside! :)