Sunday, September 7, 2008

The first days of school!

Well, I am back in school now, after an almost 3 month Summer vacation. Ohh...those were the days!

We are done with the first week, and now we really start to learn and write tests. This year, I am in ninth grade, the highest grade in our school! It's so weird to think that I am the oldest in the school! This is my last year in "Zakladni Skola" (Basic school). I have had many great memories in that school. I have been there since second grade!

Every year, my mom has a tradition of taking a picture of us three kids, she has done it since we were little. This year was no exception.

Here are some of our earlier pictures.

Here we are in 2004.
This one's taken in 2005.

Here's 2006.

And this was last year, in 2007!
So, as you can see, we've grown a lot since 2004 (And so has Lily!). It is so fun to look back at each year and remember the great times we've had!


  1. You guys have changed SO much! It is so cool to see how much you have grown up!

  2. oh my, oh my! So fun to remember how little and cute you sure are looking grown up to me these days! I loved seeing your hair styles slowly change! =)

  3. Claire---eeee!
    I think you have changed the most this year. It's fun to see you growing up and shining from the inside. Okay, I already wrote about that, but here I had the same thought again!!! :o)

    It's so cute that Lily is in all the pictures! I guess she has to hold down the fort while you guys are all in school, right?!

    You mentioned being in 9th grade there. I can't remember if that's the exact same as it would be here. It is, right? It's just that they add the 5th year of high school....right?

    Love ya, Michelle

  4. those pictures make me laugh!

    it's amazing that you are in your last year of zakladi! what are you doing next year? will you go to BMA?g


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