Thursday, July 24, 2008

The latest happenings!

It's been two weeks since we returned home from being in the States for five weeks. It feels so nice to be home again! I enjoy every single day of just hanging out and not having to do anything in particular(except maybe clean my room...)! I love Summer!

On Sunday, the 20th of July, Tyler had his 18th birthday! We celebrated on Saturday by inviting some friends over for dinner and dessert and then went to go see Get Smart, a new movie with Steve Carrel and Anne Hathaway...I thought it was a funny movie, and overall pretty good.

This past one and a half week we've had some guests staying at our house. Some "former" JV kids (The Jones', Corrie and Hudson) came from the States to do an English camp and brought a couple of their friends over from the States. So we've had Hudson and his friend Seth staying at our house. But now they are leaving and heading back to the States, it'll be a while before we meet up with them again! It's been great seeing and spending time with them, it's like a family reunion! :o)

Now I'm just relaxing, enjoying the laziness of Summer! I love those kind of days!


  1. btw if you haven't noticed already check out my picture on the right...hehehe


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