Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spring break

Last week we had spring break and we spent it in Slovenia with our cousins the Patty's!!

We left on Monday and we drove the rest of the day, until we finally arrived at our cousin's house. We unpacked our things from the van and headed straight to bed, because, even though you wouldn't think it, sitting in the van all day is tiring! :o)

The next day, Tuesday, we woke up pretty early in the morning and drove to a HUGE ski slope. It was so pretty there! They had wide slopes, steep slopes, bunny slopes, everything! We had a lot of fun that day as a
family skiing and snowboarding. The sun was shining and there were no clouds in the sky, perfect skiing conditions!

Then on Thursday, our family drove to Venice, which was only about three hours away! I loved it there! The canals and everything are so cool. Also, they had just celebrated a carnival, in which they wear cool costumes and awesome masks! So, they were still selling the cool masks. They had them everywhere and in ALL kinds of different colors and designs! I even bought one, it's really cool.

At the main square of Venice, we saw tons of pigeons sitting around a couple of people. We also noticed that the birds were on their shoulders, arm
s and even heads! We walked over there, and saw a little stand where someone was selling corn to feed to the pigeons. We bought a bag of them and dad put some in his hands and went out in to the pigeons. The came flying onto his hands and started eating the corn, it was so funny! So then Caleb tried it and then gradually, all of us tried it, even mom! Here are some of the best pictures we took. (We took more than 100 pictures with the pigeons!!)

We got home late that night, with loads of fun pictures and memories of Venice.

That whole week, I really enjoyed spending time with my cousins, aunt and uncle! We talked, giggled, played games and just spent time together, which was all so fun! Thanks for having us, Patty's!


  1. Hi Claire,

    You are the most brave and fearless person I know to wade into a group of Pigeons and let them land on you!

    Looks like you had a wonderful and very memorable Spring Break.


  2. Hey Claire it was really cool to have you at our house. We'll be seeing each other so often it'll be like we've moved next door! We won't be surprised to see each other! Trust me.

  3. LOVED having you here! Thank you for spending your break with us. Hope that heading back into school isn't too hard and that you feel ready to "hit the books" again.
    Love Aunti K


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