Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Art Day with Becca!

Last weekend Becca and I hosted an art day at our house! It was so fun! We invited a whole bunch of people (the Americans) from around us. Then we set up different "stations" and did different kinds of art.

First, there was the drawing station. That's where I was most of the time. We sat at our dining table and just drew whatever.

Then, there was the "painting lord of the rings figures" station. Tha
t's where most of the guys were, oh and Becca too! She was working on this little orange goblin, it was pretty funny.

The last station was the knitting (and writing thank you notes for Jonny and Lisa's wedding) station.

We also put out a big paper, where we had finger painting stuff set out. We each put our hand, foot or in one case EAR prints on the paper! The ear print actually turned out pretty well!

We also had homemade hot chocolate made by Mr. Pitcher (Ken). Mmmmm...YUM!!! We all enjoyed THAT!

Close to dinnertime, everyone left. I was really satisfied with how it all turned out. I had fun being artsy and hanging out with friends!

Mom and dad are home! It's really nice to have them back, and having normal life again. Although I had a great time with Katka and Becca, I still love having my family back!