Saturday, December 1, 2007


This year, as always we spent Thanksgiving with our "extended" family of Josiah Venture.

On Thursday, we all gathered around for some Turkey and pumpkin pie (of course there was more food too!). We had a great time spending time together, and thanking the Lord for all the good things he's given us.

On the last night of conference we had our annual JVK (JV Kid) talent show! This year, I thought the talents were exceptionally good. Every JVK had a unique talent to share like playing the piano, singing, karate, dancing, comedy acts and much more! I played a piano duet with my mom that we had been practicing for over three weeks - it was great to finally perform it. If anyone was wondering, the people in the picture are Corey and Lindee Anderson.

After the talent show on Saturday, we had what we call "Midnight Movie Night"! We call it that because we start a movie at around ten thirty and it usually goes to around midnight. We split into our groups (Journey with Zeteo, Akiko with Frogs, Ducks with Beauties) and we watch our own movie. This year our group watched Shrek 3! We all piled our blankets and pillows together, to form what we call "Cozy Hoff". It's Akiko's (my group) special tradition for movie night. We all find our spot in the pile and that's where we stay for the movie. It's so fun!!

Although it was sad when the conference ended on Sunday, I felt really filled up and satisfied! I'm so glad I get to be a part of this!

This is my cousin Becca and I, with a gingerbre
ad house she decorated herself! They are also JV and I love spending that time with them!


  1. Hey Claire...

    I just realized that I'm behind on reading your blog, so I just read the last three. That Meez thing is so cool! I am intrigued by how you made that :o). for a question. Is that you and Tyler in the karate outfits? I'm thinking so, but you'll have to let me know. And if it is you, when did you start taking karate lessons? I didn't know you were doing that! I once took karate lessons in the form of a self defense class that went for a couple of months. We'll have to talk all about it when you get here! It was intense, that's all I can say!

    I can't believe that it's finally December today and that means I'll get to see you THIS month! YAY!

    Love ya, Michelle

  2. Hi Claire!

    I really liked this update! And I learned something new...I didn't know about the "Cozy Hoff"! That's a great name! Where did it come from??!

    Can't wait to see your blog updates from our time in the States!

    Love, mom


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