Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My 13th Birthday!!

Yesterday was a really special day! It was my 13th birthday, spent with four of my closest friends.

My mom, Becca McMartin, Grace Pitcher, Lucy Till and I, shopped in a small mall in Ostrava from 3 to 6pm. We were only in like four stores the whole time! Isn't that crazy?!

The most fun shop that we spent time in was a jewelry/accessories shop that was so so cool, fun, and colorful! I loved it! Any girl who likes accessories would L-O-V-E this store. We spent a while in there looking for a particular style of jewelry that I wanted - some of those long big round beaded necklaces.

The rest of the time I tried on clothes and the girls would tell me what I should try on and what would look good with it or if it looked good on me. They were great at that! If they liked something they would say either: "Oh Claire that is totally you!!" or "That looks GREAT on you!" It was really fun to have them there only shopping for ME!

Turning 13 and all, I was looking for a different kind of look. I like the long shirts with the empire waist, and believe it or not we found two of them at the mall.

In the end I got a bunch of clothes and accessories, just the kind I wanted! I can't wait to wear them and see what people say!

Of course there were other very cool presents too. My dad gave me a metronome and my mom gave me a cool set of hair styling tools. Tyler gave me the 6th Harry Potter book in paperback, and Caleb gave me a collection of my favorite little things like a notebook, candles and a funny picture of him!

On Saturday, the Ellenwood family came over to celebrate my birthday with me early and guess what was on our satellite channel, “Jetix”? Drum roll please....HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2!!! It was awesome! I loved it! It was also great to see it with the Ellenwood’s on European Satellite! I mean, Jetix IS a channel that comes from the Disney Channel but we don’t have Disney Channel here so it was cool that they showed the movie on Jetix!