Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vacation to Corsica!

I just got back from my vacation to Corsica. It was awesome! I loved it there, the beaches were beautiful and so was the scenery.

We got up at around 5 AM, met the Hash's and Ellenwood's at our Tesco and then drove all the way to Italy where we would take the ferry the next morning. Us girls slept in the cars and the guys pumped up mattresses and set them down outside by some trees close by.

Next morning we got up and headed towards the ferry. We got on it around 9 and rode on it for four hours!! I sort of liked it. We stayed in an eating area the whole time and played Zilch (a dice game) and cards. I got really sea sick though, so went on deck to get some fresh air. It looked so beautiful from there. You could see the land we just came from and watch the waves of what looked like endless blue water.

We arrived in Bastia, Corsica where we ate pizza and then carried on with our journey to the campsite we were to
stay at.

That afternoon we drove into our campsite, set up our tents and set off to look at the beach. It was really nice, the waves were really big that day so I got my pants all wet (which was actually kind of funny).

In the next few days we spent hours on the beach, swimming, talking, tanning and enjoying each others company.

After a week spent on Corsica, we packed up and took the ferry back to Italy. That night we drove to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower! It was so cool to actually get to see it!! We got some great pictures while there. Also, my mom had her birthday that day! To celebrate her, we had real italian Gelato (ice cream). It tasted so
ood and I will remember that taste for a long time.

We drove through the whole night and arrived the next morning in
Berchtesgaden, Germany. We set up in the cold morning air and ate breakfast.

Berchtesgaden is located in Germany, very close to the Eagle's Nest where Hitler had his headquarters.
As you might have guessed, we visited the Eagle's Nest next morning. We took a bus up the mountain to the parking lot, where we took an elevator up to the actual building of the Eagle's Nest. From there we hiked around on a trail that looped around the mountains. It was such a pretty trail! I could see towns in every direction and mountains higher than 1800 meters!

That day was also Noah's birthday. So after we came down the mountain we drove to an Alpine slide (summer toboggan slide). We
went on it 3 times, it was so cool; you can go so fast!

That evening, it rained hard. Our tent leaked a bit but altogether it was just that everything outside was wet. Luckily right before it rained we had gotten all of our things into dry places so nothing
important got wet. But that meant we couldn't do anything outside, which is really hard when camping!

The next day it rained even harder so we decided to leave a day early because it's not worth it to camp in the rain. But before we left we did one last thing to end vacation.

We found a big pool with lots of smaller pools, if you know what I mean, and spent four hours swimming. We had a lot of fun and I think it was a great end to vacation.

Last night we got home at around 3:30 am and went straight to bed. I loved sleeping in my own bed in a dry house again. But I won't get to for long, because tomorrow we leave on a bus at 5:30 am to JV kids camp in Croatia. So in one way, it's like I'm getting another vacation!

Please pray that it won't rain there as it has in so many other countries in Europe these past few days. We have had way too many years of rain at JV kids camp so pray that going more south will make a di
fference in the weather!

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Millers

Our good friends the Millers came over yesterday! This family used to live here in Czech but then moved back to America. When they lived here they were some of our closest friends; so it was really cool to see them again.

I had am awesome time with Emily (Miller) while they were here. We laughed, picked blackberries and her dad even made us a pie out of them! It was delicious.

We're going on Vacation soon. We're going to the island of Corsica, France. It's gonna be so fun. As usual, we're going with the Hash and Ellenwood family. We're going to drive there and take the ferry across to the island. The ferry's supposed to be four hours long! I hope I don't get sea sick! :o) I'm so excited, it will be so fun!