Monday, July 23, 2007

Tyler's Birthday

Last Friday, the 20th of July was Tyler's 17th birthday.

Tyler really wanted to go and see Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix so my mom tracked down a theater in Brno playing it in English. Although it was hard to find, it was totally w
orth it; the movie was awesome! Even though I thought I wasn't really a Harry Potter fan, (Which now I sort of am!:o)) I really enjoyed the story.

For dinner we went to a Mexican restaurant in Frydek-Mistek named "La Bodega". There we gave out presents, talked and just celebrated Tyler. His main present from my dad, mom and Grandma and Bapa, was a laptop!! They really surprised him with it, he totally didn't expect it.

On the 21st, as you all kn
ow, the LAST Harry Potter book came out! So we rushed out to go see if they had it in an Ostrava book store and....they did!! My Dad and Caleb have been trading off reading it, Tyler is waiting for the American version being sent to him by my Grandma and Bapa. And me, well....I'm just now reading the second one. :o)

That's pretty much what's been happening around here, I'll keep you updated!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Work Day!

Today my whole family had a work day at our house.

Dad and Caleb chopped wood for about 3 hours, Tyler string trimmed around our yard and mowed our lawn and mom and I did a few things inside the house. Today was a really hot day so it was really hard for the boys to work outside. I was happy to work inside!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Last week when the boys were at camp, mom, dad and I went to Prague.

My dad had to speak at some kind of conference in Prague last Thursday so we went along with him and shopped while he was in the meeting. It was a lot of fun. We walked, talked, tried on some wacky clothes, my mom actually bought some! We also saw Shrek the third in English in the theater by the mall. I loved it!

We stayed at Hotel Krystal for two nights and then left Saturday morning.

New Blog!

Can you believe it? I started a blog! I'm just trying it out to see how I like it.