Thursday, November 16, 2017

Judah is Two!

Judah, my oldest nephew, is now two years old!! Getting to see him, Tyler, Lara and Asher a couple of weeks ago was such an unexpected gift. We only had a few hours together on a Sunday afternoon in Chicago, but in this season of life, where we all live in different places, family time (regardless of how long or short) with them is a gift.

One day soon we will all live in Czech together, which is hard to believe sometimes! The Lord never ceases to surprise me. I can't wait to continue to see this little curious, courageous, determined and relational kid grow up. Judah, you are so loved! 


  1. Pure adorableness!!! Loved these photos!

  2. I wanted to make a general comment after reading "about me". I love to blog surf and read them. To me, a blog is something like a diary left open for the world to see. In them we can watch people grow up, experience life, their failures, heartaches, successes, loves... It's real life thru the eyes of the blogger- with photos.

    I like your blog for it's form and photos. You don't share too much about yourself (and that's fine). Some day you will cease writing it. When you do, I hope you save a nice, printed copy for yourself. I think you will be glad you did.

    BP in Oregon


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