Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Friendship from Across the Globe

It's not everyday you get to retake a photo with someone you've known your whole life, but seldom get to see. 

My mom and Amy's mom served together in Germany before I was even born (we were both actually born in Germany though!). Even though God led our families in separate ways, our parents remained friends. Us kids saw each other a few times during our childhood, but with them living in Guam for 12 years, and us living in Czech, those "hello's" were few and far between!

Although we are five years apart in age, and have never lived a stretch of life together like our moms did, Amy is still such a kindred spirit. We've been following each others' journeys through our family connections, and I could never have imagined our paths would cross like they did this weekend. What a joy!

It was a special privilege to be here in Czech at the same time as she traveled here from South Korea (where she teaches at an international school) for a few days. God orchestrated that so lovingly.

Amy came all this way to see if God might be leading her to Eastern Europe and Josiah Venture's sports ministries. I'm so encouraged by her faith and boldness to step out and seek God's will. As someone who grew up in Guam for 12 years, studied in California, and now teaches in South Korea (yes, she's a beautiful TCK!), she has a heart to serve God wherever that might take her. Her life is to me a testimony of God's grace and faithfulness, and I can't wait to see where he leads next!

Amy, we sure love you! 


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