Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Last Assignment (EVER!) at Moody

I wasn't sure how I would feel on this day. It's the day when I finished my last assignment at Moody Bible Institute. I still have two more days of classes, but all of my reading has been recorded and submitted. All of my papers have been written and turned in. Exams have been taken. Everything is done when it comes to the books and the homework.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. This is real.

And you know what? As hard as it has been for the past three and a half years, I'm going to miss it - the studies.

We use a web printing service here at Moody, which has made printing papers so much easier than if I owned my own printer. I submit a paper online, and then go to pick it up from one of the many printers around campus by logging into my account. It's pretty simple. This is the last time I'll submit a paper to be printed like this.

I'll be turning in this paper in class tomorrow.

This particular paper closes out a class that I have absolutely loved this semester: Genesis, with Dr. Schmutzer. This is the one class that Tyler told me I couldn't miss while I was at Moody, and I saved it for my last semester. I'm glad he did recommend it, because both the class material itself and the heart of the professor who teaches it have changed the way I see and understand the Old Testament.

I feel that I know less than even when I started. I suppose a better way to say that would be - I have more questions than before. There are so many passages that I took at face-value and never explored or dove into. Those are the Scriptures that I'll be coming back to with so many questions in the coming years.

Another great thing about taking this class is that now I'll get to continue asking those questions to my brother Tyler - who is graduating next week from Trinity Evangelical School of Divinity with a Master's in Old Testament Theology and Semitic Languages. This is an incredible accomplishment for him, and I'm also pretty excited about it because it means that I can keep learning from him, even as my Genesis class finishes up.

I have to remind myself that the learning doesn't end here. Just because my homework is done, and my time at Moody is coming to a close, doesn't mean that I will not get to read, ask questions, be challenged and talk with others about subjects we care about. It will look different after college, but the same Lord who has been teaching me here will instruct me in the next season too. I'll miss classes, but I'm excited for what's ahead too!


  1. This is HUGE!!! Congratulations on finishing well! Proud of you, and looking forward to celebrating this accomplishment soon!

  2. SO SO proud of you and of how you have applied yourself to your studies! I know the learning will not stop here for you. Thankful for your curious and humble spirit, and I look forward to the next topic we'll tackle together :)


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