Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Finding Beauty and Being Honest

Today was a day off from my internship, so I got to explore the area a bit. Part of what this day also included was time alone with God, and that was much needed, and hard too as I wrestle with questions and anxious thoughts about the future (and the present). 

Pressing into those kinds of places is never very fun at first, but the Lord is ever near and faithful and forsakes us not when we come crying out to him in confusion. He already knows me completely, and yet sometimes I hold back from honest words in prayer. I have been challenged lately to bring everything before him, even as the psalmists held nothing back. 

In the end, the day could be encapsulated by two things - talking with God and enjoying His creation. This looked different than I expected, but it was good, as He intended it to be. 

First stop: Garden of the Gods. 

Second stop. I googled "Most beautiful churches in Colorado", and found one that wasn't too far away in downtown Colorado Springs. There's something about the majesty, creativity and reverence of a church like this one that brings me to silence and awe. My heart needed that on a regular Monday. These kinds of places also remind me of Czech and the story God has been weaving together with his own hands.

Third stop: Not pictured. It was my favorite coffee shop though, and one that includes big windows with bright light beaming through, warm and comforting pourover coffees, service that's friendly and inviting, and a yellow couch that almost always has a free spot right by the window. 

Fourth stop: Broadmoor hotel. This is a five star hotel where you can visit even just for the day. It's free to walk around their grounds and the pristine lawns and flowerbeds along with the crisp lake complete with swans made me feel like I had escaped to another world. 

I also finally got to finish a little mini-painting that I had been working on for a while. It's of a house that's next-door to my favorite coffee shop here. It's eclectic and charming, and little house portraits are a relaxing no-pressure project. 

Happy Tuesday now to you all. You've almost made it to the middle of the week. 

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day! The painting is beautiful! So is the church.


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