Thursday, June 9, 2016

Three 3's and One Week

Tomorrow marks the last day of a very important week. I'll be finishing up my very first week of DAR (Debrief and Renewal), where I got to help debrief and teach 3 precious 3-year-old boys (missionary kids moving back to the States with their families!). It's been quite the learning journey, but one that will forever mark the way I do children's ministry and serve missionary families. I have absolutely loved getting to know each of these boys and seeing even now the seeds of the Gospel being planted in their hearts.

Often this week, I have stopped by this park on my way to DAR, just to walk around the pond a few times, pray, breathe and run through the lesson of the day to have it fresh in my mind. It has become a safe place and a quiet one too, since I'm usually there at 7AM. I have been grateful for sunny mornings and the smell of pine in the air, and even the occasional heron (or maybe a crane?) that you can see if you look really closely at the water right in the middle of this photo.

I wish I could tell you all the ways I've seen the Lord work this week. I've had a lot of questions and thoughts that mull around in my head, but I've also been blown away by how much the Lord can do in and through the heart of a child. One little quote that I heard this week (in reflecting on one of our lessons about feelings) was, "God loves me even when I'm sad." Hearing something like this come from the mouth of a 3-year-old will always melt your heart, and my heart must be a puddle by now after all of the melting this week.

Of course, there are hard days sometimes. There are hard questions I'm asking. There are hard minutes here and there. But overall, I have seen the goodness, graciousness and faithfulness of our Lord this week and that has filled me up with joy and gratitude. Thank you for praying. He has been so near this week, even while I'm in transition and figuring things out from scratch.

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  1. Oh my, what a precious post. You are SO in the right place, and I love how you've given your heart and Jesus to those boys. You have planted good seeds that God will now water in them as they make this transition. Bless you for a job well done! :)


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