Sunday, May 29, 2016

Normal Not Normal (Comments of a TCK)

I did something I've never done in my life before. I drove up to see my grandparents on my own on a completely normal day. 

This might seem like a completely normal thing to do, and it is, but not for this Third Culture Kid who grew up with an ocean separating our family from most of my extended family. We would visit grandparents every 2 or 3 years and occasionally they would come to Europe to see us too. It was always a special day though when we got to visit with them.

Since I'm in Colorado this summer, I'm only an hour away from my Patty grandparents. This is such a new phenomena to me! I called Grandpa and Nana a couple of days ago and asked if I could come up to see them on Sunday and for Memorial Day. And so, after going to church this morning, I made my way to Denver and found a cozy spot on the couch to listen to story after story, and felt so welcomed in and cared for. 

Such a simple moment means more than just a visit on a (fairly) regular evening. It's a reality that I've never participated in because of living overseas, which makes today all the more sweet. 

(Photo not posed at all! This moment was so sweet that a second of puling out my phone for a photo was worth it) 


  1. Love!!!!!!!! I'm so happy you get to be in Colorado this summer!!!!

  2. Love this! What a huge gift this summer!


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