Thursday, May 5, 2016

Disappearing into Homework

The title sums up how I have felt for the past week...or maybe few weeks. Homework continues to press in upon life, and I'm in the home-stretch of the semester. By next Tuesday, I will be done with all of my projects and exams, and all that will be left is packing up my entire apartment for the summer (no small job though). It's hard to believe that after I finish this semester, I only have one more left once I come back from my internship.

In light of that, I present to you: the view from my study spot. Both of these photos were taken within half an hour of each other. Yes, this is Chicago weather. Despite the quick changes that constantly happen here in the city, I'm trying to soak in my last Chicago spring as well. Remind me again how it's possible that I'll be graduating in December??

Also, I'm working on a unique project for my Romans class that consists of a series of blog posts for a specific purpose and audience. You can click HERE for the first post on that blog that introduces the topic and follow along as I finish this assignment (which is due on Monday!). 


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