Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Children's Ministry Major

I study Children's Ministry at Moody. Have you ever wondered what that looks like, and what it's all about? Moody put together a video last year highlighting our department. Not only does the video feature our beloved professor and head of the department, Mrs. Smith, but the ministry site where the footage was taken was actually the place I did my PCM (Practical Christian Ministry) for my first two years at Moody at their afterschool program.

If you are considering studying at Moody, I so highly recommend this department to you. I am not the same person today as a result of the teaching, training and love from our professors here. I graduate in December, and although it's often tough and extremely stretching, I will be soaking up as much as I can in these next two semesters.

And here's a little more about Mrs. Smith (with whom I have four classes this semester!)

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  1. Remind me why you're graduating? I don't think sticking around for another semester would hurt any. ;)


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