Monday, February 15, 2016

A Valentine's Story

I share this snippet from yesterday to show you what Christ-like brotherly love can look like. My roommate is dating Josh, and they often come by our apartment to grab a meal or have a movie night. They are always extremely respectful and it has been so fun to watch my roomie, Julia, love and be loved so well by Josh these past two semesters.

It's always great when they're around and we are all glad to open up our safe little apartment in the midst of crazy school days and schedules. Julia always checks with us to make sure it's ok if they come up, and we always say yes because having Josh around is like having a brother come over to visit.

Josh had surprised us (me and my other roommate, Michelle) earlier in the week by letting us know that he wanted to do something for us all in the evening. He said that he wanted to thank Michelle and me for our hospitality and willingness to have him over, and for loving Julia too as her roomies. I was speechless, but it was such a thoughtful gift to us on this particular Sunday evening.

Josh and Julia went on their Valentine's date in the afternoon, and then they cooked dinner together for Michelle and me (and he gave us chocolate along with it!). We all ate around the table and laughed and told stories. It was so selfless and brotherly of him, and something that reminded me of my dad and brothers too, but mostly of the Lord. Not only did he bless Julia on Valentine's Day and in the ways he loves her daily, but he blessed her roommates as well.

It all made me think of the Father's great love for us. I love how He chooses to communicate that to us constantly. He does so through His Word and through the hands and feet of his church; and yesterday He did so through the thoughtfulness of Josh towards all three of us, most surprisingly towards his girlfriend's roommates. Thank you Josh...and thank you, Heavenly Father!  


  1. I might have tears running down my face right now! ☺️ That was just beautiful, so thoughtful and selfless!

  2. What a kind gesture. I love how he found a way to get outside of the stereotypical Valentine's Day formula and express "brotherly" love instead of the conventional sappy kind.


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