Saturday, January 9, 2016

Two Airplanes, and I'm Back

It never ceases to surprise me how words fail after two airplanes and thousands of miles. I know now that it just takes time - time to readjust, time to process, time with people, time before the Lord. I'm not numb to the sting of leaving something behind. Trouble is, as a TCK, I'm inevitably always losing something when I get on a plane, no matter which side I'm on. Yes, time will be good. 

Well, goodbye for now, dear Beskydy. I will be back again, hopefully, in one year. 

And Hello Chicago. I am thanking the Lord for a smooth trip this time around, and that I am now in a warm apartment (albeit still with pretty bare walls!) with the necessities in my fridge after a rainy walk to Trader Joe's.

What will this semester consist of? Systematic Theology II, and then four classes in my Children's Ministry Department, as well as Romans online. I am expecting it to be a challenging one, but so rich and beautiful as well. I am praying that the Lord makes me teachable and lets my memory absorb as much as He intends in this next, last year at Moody. 


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