Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Kentucky Wedding

This cross stood tall at the front of the very spot where Beth married Daniel this past weekend in Kentucky. What a perfect symbol to be at the forefront, reminding us that ultimately, marriage is a reflection of Christ and his bride.

Beth and I were roommates for two semesters, and I couldn't be more thankful for that time. All the more, what a joy it was to stand by Beth's side this Saturday on her wedding day! No, I wasn't the photographer this time. I got to be in the wedding! Smiles all day long.

I got to Kentucky on Friday morning, and got to spend the afternoon with Beth before heading to their wedding venue - a campground! After arranging tables and many of the important details, we stepped outside for a cozy campfire with family and the bridal party. The rehearsal was done in the dark outside and we carefully avoided tripping over roots, yet laughed too and eagerly anticipated the following day when Beth would actually be walking down the aisle.

As Beth explained to me, "If you ever have an outdoor wedding, Claire, the question you'll get the most often is, 'But what if the weather isn't good?" When the wedding is outside, you pray and pray for sunshine. Any weather would have been enough, but it was especially sweet that this day dawned sunny and crisply cool. Sweater weather? Yes. But not too cold to be outside!

By the time we started getting ready for the ceremony, I put my camera away and got to fully soak in the wedding only through my eyes and not a lens. The day very much reflected who Beth and Daniel are - from the handmade details, to the leaves on the ground, to the pastor being Daniel's dad, and hymns being played for the processional and recessional.

Beth and Daniel - Congratulations!!! I am still celebrating with you and so glad I got to be there in person!


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