Friday, August 28, 2015

First Week

I have finished my first week of classes already. It's hard to believe. I know it's just going to continue going by quickly here, which is bittersweet.

With only three semesters left (including this one), I'm recognizing the significance of every class I take and the weight of the knowledge that I hope to gain. The classes that I will take in these next semesters could be some of the best of my "Moody career". I look forward to them, but of course I recognize the responsibility connected with not only the classes, but with what I will have learned. Once you learn something, you are able to use it in real life.

It becomes even more serious when I start seeing the specific applications of what I'm learning - I will need this knowledge for whatever work the Lord has for me in the future! I'm taking Systematic Theology, Issues in Counseling for Youth, Foundations for Children's Ministry (Theology and Philosophy of children's ministry) and Hebrews. Yes, I have a lot in store for this next semester, including plenty of work too! It's so worth it though.

In the midst of everything going on this week with moving into a new apartment and getting used to classes, I took advantage of a free afternoon and a free visit to my favorite museum. The Art Institute is free for Illinois residents every Thursday from 5-8pm. Usually I will have my PCM (Practical Christian Ministry) on Thursday afternoons, but that doesn't start up until next week, so I giddily planned my afternoon visit. I only had an hour at The Art Institute, but it was wonderful as always.

Here are two Pissarro works that were eye-catching on this visit.

I adore the Art Institute. I could spend hours and hours there. It was such a refreshing short visit this week and a much needed reminder of a place I absolutely love in Chicago. Yes, there are things to love here, just as there are in all of the places where pieces of my heart reside.


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