Saturday, July 25, 2015

Back Home: Prague

Although this is just a dog outside of a cafe, those aren't just any cobblestones he's laying on.

That's Prague!

I flew into Prague on Monday evening, and then got to spend the day in the city with Mom. What a joy filled day! I may be biased, but I think Prague is the just magical. I have been there countless times, yet it continues to surprise me and I feel as though I walk new streets each time.

This visit included a stop at a lovely cafe that I had never been to, but had only heard of: La Boheme. It definitely did not disappoint!

The rest of the day speaks for itself, but a few notes to add: Czech flags made me really excited this time (after all, my Gull Lake nametag always had a flag on it - Czecholate Chip!), the castle always astounds me, and Mom took me through the castle gardens for the first time - enchanting. 

I love this city in the country I still call home. 


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