Sunday, June 21, 2015

For Dad!

I was raking leaves last week, after we had a terrible storm (including a tornado warning) pass over Gull Lake. As I raked, I thought about my dad.

I really didn't mind doing a little outdoor work, but the only reason I enjoyed it was because my dad showed me how. Even though I had older brothers, Dad still invited and encouraged me to join in on yard days or any other work projects. I am thankful for not only those memories with him, but also that he taught me the value and pleasure in hard work. That's only one small part of what I've learned from Dad.

Today is Father's Day. I don't know if I'll have the chance to call my dad, since we are not allowed to have our phones on during camp (except on Friday evening and Saturday morning).

I want you to know though, Dad, how thankful I am for you!!

Thank you for teaching me how to enjoy raking those leaves, for taking me along on so many adventures, for showing me how to love the Word and the Lord. I have loved our dad-daughter dates, our roadtrips, and our family nights, as well as all the moments in between. You are amazing and I not only look up to you so much, but I love you even more!

I wish I could be with you today, maybe go for a hike somewhere in the mountains. But I'm thinking of you while I'm here at Gull Lake and love you lots!

Happy Father's Day!!


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