Friday, May 29, 2015

Chicago: Unexpected Gift

Last year at this time, we were two days away from a very important wedding in Colorado - Caleb and Haley's! When I came back to Chicago after the wedding, I had less than a week to hang out with Tyler and Lara before heading up to Gull Lake. It was the perfect amount of time to be "in between". I wouldn't have even wanted it to be longer, since the city didn't really feel like home yet after a only year of college behind me. 

This year feels very different. 

When I decided to work at Gull Lake again, the thought did come to mind of what these two and a half weeks would hold. I wasn't sure how or where it would work out to have a place to live during this time, and knew I was completely at the mercy of others (and the Lord!) for where to even sleep. My parents and I brainstormed different ideas for how to fill this time, but nothing felt settled, nothing felt completely right. 

I finally decided to just stay in the city for a week and a half and then in the suburbs with Tyler and Lara for a week. It seemed like the "least adventurous" plan, which made me a little sad, but it also seemed like the most logical idea. I wasn't thrilled about sticking around the city without much of a plan for what to fill my time with. But God confirmed this plan by giving me peace, which I hadn't had before about any of the other ideas. 

Two of my dearest friends at Moody have let me stay with them in Caleb and Haley's apartment for the first half of this "in between" time. They'll be living here for the summer, and they let me tag along.

I had no idea what this time would hold, but it has been a greater gift than I could have ever expected. We have lived normal life together - gone to the thrift store, watched movies, got stuck walking in the rain with no umbrellas, cooked meals together, come back from work at the same time (I worked at Plum Market yesterday), and have been able to go through this transition time as buddies. 

It's sometimes strange to only live "school life" with my friends at Moody. School is definitely a different environment from any other place, and I have missed getting to share the "normal life" experiences with the friends I've made here in Chicago. This week has been a taste of that normal life, and I have enjoyed every bit of it. The little things become the iconic things and city living becomes quaint because of the people I've gotten to share it with.

I definitely did not think that this week would hold any surprises from the Lord, but He has done it again! He has proved Himself as a loving Father by showing His provision. Did He have to make this week sweet? No. But He did, and I am so thankful for that. I will forever look back at this time with Kelley and Michelle fondly.

I'll be joining Tyler and Lara in their home today. Who knows what God has prepared for this next week? No matter what, it will be a gift from Him.

I am incredibly grateful to friends and family for so generously offering me a place to stay so often.

P.S. Who knew I would come to the point where I loved a week of life in the city??! God has the best sense of humor, and I love that He has answered my prayers - that I would find beauty here too!


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