Monday, March 23, 2015

Changes of Spring

Today was my first day back at classes and in normal routine with work and PCM and such. It was a good, normal day, one with few surprises (except for the weather) and sweet times of reconnecting with people on campus.

Still, I don't handle so many quick transitions with absolute grace. But thankfully, grace is given to me by the Lord instead. Change, and this whole life-stage of "emerging adulthood" (as we talked about today in Human Development), may not feel very graceful on my part, but they are grace-filled. They are humbling and a reminder that I need people and I need the Lord. I suppose that's something worth being reminded of.

In Chicago news - it snowed today. Actually, we had a full-on blizzard. I feel like I went back in time when I returned to Chicago. I thought spring had already sprung? In Oregon it had, but it was not quite so in the Midwest. Caleb said it well though, "Hey, at least you get to experience spring twice!"

He's right! And spring is worth being experienced twice.

The snow actually made me laugh today. I found it humorous that at the end of March we got surprised by these few inches. It won't last, since the forecast says it will be 50 degrees on Wednesday. So I just enjoyed the snowflakes as I drank my cup of tea and smiled at the thought that spring will return and the snow is actually still beautiful. 


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