Saturday, February 14, 2015

Four on the Fourteenth

What was the occasion for being inside a little shop with the iconic red winged logo? 

A "Fantastic Four" Valentine's reunion. I say reunion because the last time all four of us were together was back in September. Sure, there have been floor events and random hello's here and there, but we haven't had the chance to spend an afternoon together for quite some time. 

Yes, we do call ourselves the "Fantastic Four". It started in the very first week of our freshman year, and the name stuck. We all came into Moody, and onto our floor, at the same time and that bonded us while we all sought "safe" people those first weeks. I remember going out and walking in the city with these ladies and getting lost while looking for Argo the rain. We have gone separate ways now with majors, classes and such, but we still live on the same floor and cherish the friendships we all have with one another and as a group as well. 

This afternoon filled our hearts to the brim. Valentine's (a.k.a. "Gal-entine's" today) was as smile-filled as is possible. 

What could be better than Intelligentsia in Millennium Park? I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but this right here is my absolute favorite treat:

What do I hope is in the pastry case every time I step inside Intelligentsia? This flourless, vegan hazelnut chocolate cookie. One day I would love to learn how to bake something similar, because it is absolutely divine and satisfying. Add a soy cappuccino, and my day significantly brightens at first sip and bite.  

Although I often go to coffee shops alone to do homework (I'm more productive, and I love people-watching too), I was happy to come here today with 3 of my buddies. 

The "L" ride back was sunny and hopeful. The air is chilled outside - the weather forecast says it "feels like" -11F and I believe it. Still, gleams of sun reflected on Chicago, even with the frigid cold. 

Happy Valentine's Day, whatever this holiday means to you. For me, it's a reason to enjoy coffee, chocolate cookies and mostly, to savor sweet friendships. These girls love the Lord and that binds us together. We really don't have very many things in common, except that God brought us together when He did. How glad I am that He did.


  1. I would love to have such a coffe too! Looks sooo amazing... Great pictures... Love Ingrid

  2. #fanfour #love :) Such a great group of girls!


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