Saturday, December 13, 2014

In His Control

These past couple of days have been unlike any I've had at Moody before. Never have I spent my entire day in bed!

I caught some type of flu/cold/virus on Thursday and have had a consistent fever ranging between 101 and 102F since. I definitely didn't expect that to come on the weekend before finals! I slept most of Friday (literally), just taking the day off from homework. I did a bit of work today after taking some DayQuil but it has still been hard to focus.

I have finals coming up next week. With an exam on Monday, an even bigger exam on Wednesday, and two papers due on Thursday, it seems like a lot right now. I'm having to take it a bit more slowly these days than I expected. It's less of "push-hard-til'-the-end" and more "one-step-at-a-time" before finals now. It's humbling, yes. To realize that I have limitations and can't control all my circumstances is probably not a bad thing, if I'm keeping the big picture in mind.

My roommate and friends on the floor have been so sweet and willing to help out with anything this weekend. A dorm may not be the best place to be when you're sick, but it's good to be surrounded by people who do care. I'm mostly staying confined to by room so that I don't get anyone else sick and to force myself to rest. There are times when it's not right to just keep going. There is a time for rest, even when that time was least expected.

Would you pray for all of us Moody students this week with finals? I know I'm not the only one with unexpected twists and turns to the week.

Most importantly, I want what I do this week to be honoring to the Lord. That means I will do my best, but also trust in His sovereign timing for everything.

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  1. Oh you poor girl! Yes I will pray! And I am so proud of your ability to bend your will to what God has allowed AND on top of they to have eyes for other students and their unexpected events as well. Love you, think your wonderful and I'm praying for peace and wisdom every step of the way.


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