Monday, November 10, 2014


PCM. It's one of the things that sets Moody apart from a lot of other schools. It's one of those things that actually factors into people's decisions to come here. It's quite a unique part of our education and has been going strong since the foundations of Moody so many years ago.

PCM - Practical Christian Ministry.

We are actually required to participate in some form of PCM. We are partnered with an urban ministry in our Freshman year, and can either stay in that place, or switch to a different PCM if we get involved with a different ministry or want to focus in more on what we're headed towards. Tyler's first PCM was serving in a retirement home; Caleb's was tutoring and having fun with two little boys through a program Moody is involved with. My first PCM? It's still my PCM.

To quote our PCM guidebook:
"Why such an emphasis on ministry during one’s course of study at Moody?
Exposure: PCM provides each student the opportunity for exposure to a 
variety of ministry settings and practices.
Experience: PCM provides each student the opportunity for gaining valuable 
ministry experience.
Exercise: PCM provides each student the opportunity for spiritual exercise
rather than risk stagnation in the midst of highly-concentrated 
biblical teaching"

It makes sense, and I am so glad it's a requirement here. Sometimes people doubt the legitimacy of "service", if it's required, but it's one of those things that we all agreed to when we decided to come to Moody. So it is was our choice to be a part of some type of ministry in the city.

I have been going to help out at an afterschool program once a week for a year and a half now. I started out completely oblivious to any Chicago neighborhoods, not really even knowing how to take the bus to the church that the program is held in. It's in a neighborhood West of here that takes us about 45 minutes to get to, and is held in an old Lutheran church, which has classrooms in it too.

I get to help two groups of the same 3-5 kids every week with their homework. I have my little table that the kids come to every time and it's been my privilege getting to know them. Homework is homework, but getting to hear and engage with their lives is just great. First it's the 3rd-4th graders who come in, and then they swap with K-2nd graders (the group not in tutoring has other activities).

I'll be honest. This environment was a bit intimidating at first. What do I know about American schooling or even about the lives of these kids who have grown up in urban environments? But they have taught me so much and I love seeing their smiling faces on a Monday. I wish you could come with me one day and experience the program, because it's quite amazing to see how it impacts these kids' lives. I pray that these little ones will grow up to know Christ and to set new patterns for their lives and to continue to work hard too. They are precious!

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  1. Yay!! Thank you for blogging about this! I really do hope I'll get to come to your PCM someday!


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