Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mint in a Bucket

It all started in Goshen, Indiana.

Just to the left of that red barn in Goshen was a patch of mint. When we stayed with the Millers for our bro-sis retreat, they made us a delicious iced tea from fresh mint and it made me giddy. I was so excited about it that Mr. Miller offered to give me some mint to take back to Moody.

Umm, YES!!

Minutes before we left to go back to Chicago I remembered the mint, and Mr. Miller grabbed a bucket and dug up a little patch from where it grew wildly. I sat with this bucket at my feet all the way back to school (the car smelled great!).

I wasn't sure if it would survive in my room, in this bucket. It was wild mint, after all, and what do I know about "caring" for this kind of plant?

I picked leaves from it until only the "branches" were left. It mad me sad that it looked so bare.

But a few days later, hope came in the form of a bud. That bud grew until there was a full sprig of mint.

I've watched this bucket of Indiana dirt change over the past month. And look where it's at today.

It keeps coming! I've heard that mint sometimes takes over, and I'm fully happy about that! I continue to find new buds popping up every day. I'm not sure how it can be thriving so well in my room with just sunlight from my window and regular watering. Yet it is.

This is my venture. This is my piece of nature in the dorms. This is joy every day.

This makes the best tea.

Thank you, Mr. Miller for the mint! I love it (especially because it's still alive!)


  1. That was SUCH a fun post!!! I love that you've been taking pictures along the way to document the growth!! WAY TO GO! What will you do with it while you come home for Christmas?? You can't let it die!!

  2. Ken grows mint in our garden for tea - we love it! Glad you have this little pot to garden & enjoy.



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