Monday, June 2, 2014

Wedding Week: Rehearsal Dinner

Caleb and Haley's rehearsal dinner in three words: Friends, Stories, Blessings.


Friends from Poland, Czech, Oregon, Chicago, Indiana, Denver, and all over came to celebrate with Caleb and Haley. A handful of people helped decorate before the dinner, and all pitched in by doing what they were good at. Hayley and I made Rice Krispie treats, some cut photos, others arranged flowers, while a few worked on tying bows around mason jars. As Mom said, "it takes a 'village'"!


Dad invited everyone at the dinner to share a part of Caleb and Haley's story from their own perspectives. Many people shared their specific memories from both sides of the story of how they got together. We laughed, we sighed, and all loved remembering how Caleb and Haley got to this point. What an amazing story they have! I enjoyed hearing some details that I didn't know before, as well as reminiscing on old times. How God brought these two together still amazes me, because everything fits together so perfectly.

(Side note: Dad sawed the centerpieces from Grandpa's wood, Nana provided the canning jars, and Mom printed out pictures of Caleb and Haley with everyone at the rehearsal dinner) 


After sharing stories and memories, it was time to bless Caleb and Haley as they begin this new journey together. "Continue to study each other as you change and grow," was the advice one gave. "Hold each other in your weaknesses. Live a sincere adventure, bringing the best out of each other," said another.

The parents blessed their children as well, praying for them, ushering them into the day that was ahead. It was surreal realizing that by the next day, these two would be husband and wife. Yet, it is so right and Caleb and Haley could not be better for each other. The Lord was present as prayers and praises rung out and amens echoed throughout the room.

The sweetest part of the night was how Christ-centered everything was. He truly is the center of their relationship, and relationships with all these dear people in the room. What a blessing getting to get such a picture into the body of Christ! And what a celebration of Caleb and Haley. 


  1. You captured that evening SO beautifully!! How I love your ability to capture moments with your photography. WELL DONE!!

  2. Claire, you encapsulated the rehearsal evening beautifully! The joy in my heart just keeps bubbling over as I relive each special and sacred moment through out the entire weekend! There were so many!!!!!


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