Monday, May 5, 2014

500 (and a Giveaway!)

Today is a day to celebrate...

The 500th post on Claire's Corner!!

I guess you could say a lot has changed since the first time I posted on my blog.

I love all the memories that were captured that I wouldn't have remembered as well if it hadn't been for my blog. Memories like...

- The time it looked like it was flooding in our backyard HERE
- When I made my first apple pie HERE
- When Mom got "stuck" in the States because of Eyjafjallajokull erupting HERE
- Tyler leaving his precious books in my care when he cleaned out his room for good HERE
- When Bapa brought me buttercups when I wasn't feeling good HERE
- When God answered prayers HERE and HERE and so many other times
- The silliness of internet issues HERE
- Being so tired after my 3rd year of high-school, but finishing HERE
- Dad-daughter dates like learning how to drive HERE or horseback riding in the mountains HERE
- Figuring out how to actually cook meals at home for a week HERE
- The feelings I had when I left home for college HERE

And this list could go on and on. Since 2007, this has been like one big scrapbook/journal/storybook. 

I'm thankful for this outlet to express and capture the joyful times and the hard times. It reminds me of God's faithfulness and His blessings as well. I don't regret any minute spent taking pictures or writing stories (or even posting recipes that worked!). I'm partly an internal processor, so seeing words in front of me, and having a motivation to keep writing, helps me understand the world and myself better. Mostly, I feel like I know and see the Lord more as I recognize stories of his goodness. 

To celebrate, I'm hosting a very special giveaway on Claire's Corner. Anybody and everybody can enter through the form below! You even have three possible ways to enter. It's open to friends, family, those who are near or far, or anyone who just happened to stumble upon my blog. 

What's included in the goodies package? A few of my favorite things to use or to make! Oh, you know...
- Some European chocolate (hand-carried from Czech!), 
- Your choice of an original art piece (pictured below),
- Tea,
- Gluten-free treats (the delicious ones!), 
... and possibly a few other little things, which will remain a surprise. :) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and care about all the little things. It means a lot to me that you connect even in this small way. Most of all, I have learned a lot through Claire's Corner, but I hope it has been encouraging to you too.

Here's to many more stories and memories! May I keep journeying with my eyes fixed on Christ until the day I'm finally with Him forever.

P.S. Disclaimer: If you live in Europe and win, you may get the package in July, since my parents will be back then and it'll be easier to mail from there. 


  1. 500 posts? Man! That's a lot, friend! That's definitely an accomplishment! Isn't it fun to look back on your blog and see how far The Lord has brought you and all the good things He's done in your life? I love reading your blog and I hope there are many more posts to come, dear friend!

  2. Claire, I love that through your blog, I have another way to stay connected to you. It has been great to see you grow up- through you blog and in person. I thing you're pretty wonderful. Congrats on reaching 500 posts!

  3. So very proud of you for your 500 blog posts!! You have become such a beautiful writer and have an amazing ability to capture life both through your words and your photography. I love it! Don't ever stop! :) See you soon!!!

  4. Wow, 500 posts, congratulations! I just love stopping by and seeing what the Lord is doing in and through your life and your perspective through the lens of your camera. I also love the recipes and Czech charm you weave into each post. Can't wait to read the next 500!

  5. 500 is a great accomplishment. So glad you write so I can keep up with your life in each of these seasons.

  6. Well Done Claire! A lot has changed since you started and it has been fun to be a part of the process as I have seen you grow in real life and through the words and pictures of your life.

  7. Hi Clare, I came to your blog via your mom's blog back when your brother was so ill and needing much prayer. My sister, Jean W. at Grace Church had asked me to pray for him. Since my family has served with SIL for years, and I too graduated from Moody (1973!), I enjoy reading your journey and praying for you, as well.

  8. Hey Claire,

    I love your blog! Some of my family went out to breakfast with your parents while they were in Portland. That's when your Mom told me about your blog.

  9. Richly deserved congratulations on 500 posts! I always look forward to reading another update from you. Now for my post # 567 you will introduce Br*d to all of your followers! Best wishes :)

  10. I actually admire your patience in writing a blog for such a long time. Looking forward to other 500 posts!

  11. Claire-I started following your blog when your mom would refer to it. And to see more pictures of Kaylee! It is fun watching you grow and take on new things. And as a GF person I enjoy seeing what you are cooking up next. Looking forward to the next 500!

  12. Hi Claire,

    Just recently stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed everything I've seen so far! Looking forward to exploring more :) Take care, ~Aubree @

  13. I love this blog post! Just came across it again and was reminded of how glad I am that you and I blog! SO many wonderful memories, stories, gifts, miracles and joys captured in our blogs. Keep it up!!!


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