Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Praise Him

I woke up early this morning to go to Solheim (the gym). The weather was crisp but warm and birds chirped and soared through the pleasant breeze that blew through Chicago.

As I was getting ready to finish on the treadmill, I pulled out my earbuds and noticed that an older man who was on one of the cardio machines was saying something under his breath. I listened harder and could hear him softly repeating over and over again, with every step:

"Praise Him. Praise Him. Praise Him. Praise Him for His mercy. Praise Him."

Someone else came by and started running near him, and he stopped talking out of courtesy, but I think he would have continued otherwise. His words made me stop and think. Every step he was taking was an act of worship. And he knew it. He knew that even exercise, early in the morning, could be offered up to the Lord, our Maker, in praise.

As I walked out of Solheim, the sun was just peaking through the skyscrapers. I slowed my step and stared for a few seconds. What a stunning thing to witness early in the morning. A sunrise over the city is unique and beautiful in its own way. I couldn't help but think: Praise Him.

My friend Gabes led worship at chapel this morning and did so with such a humble and graceful spirit. I talked to her afterwards, thanking her for serving us by leading today, and she only had two words in response: Praise Him. Praise Him.

Every circumstance in our lives should be an opportunity to worship God. Whether it's exercising, admiring the sunrise, singing songs to Him, or simply talking to a friend about a hard day. Today was a good reminder for me that my day should be filled with praise, from beginning to end, because our God is an awesome God.

Were the whole realm of nature mine, 
 that were an offering far too small;
 love so amazing, so divine, 
 demands my soul, my life, my all. 
- Isaac Watts


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