Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Sisters and My Mom

Look at those two lovely ladies I'm standing with.

These are my sisters.

Lara married Tyler two years ago and Haley is marrying Caleb next month! Oh, how thankful I am for both of them. Tyler and Caleb - you chose the right girls!! They are all that I ever wished for in sisters. In-laws? Not so much. Lara and Haley are just family.

Look who else we got to hang out with today? Mom's in the city! It was such a pleasure getting coffee together, walking around downtown, picking up some yummy gluten-free cupcakes and catching up on all of life's happenings.

It's been a blessing for me to get to see my parents more than I expected, since they're in the States for their sabbatical. I miss hearing about how things are going in Czech, but I sure like seeing them! They'll be back in Czech in July (and I'll be going home at the end of July).

Family means the world to me. 

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  1. See, if you didn't blog about things like this, I'd forget they happened! :) That feels like a long time ago...and yet it was only two years! And you're a senior now!!!


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