Thursday, April 3, 2014

In the Hope of Spring

Spring is just around the corner. We had our first 60 degree day last week, but then temperatures plummeted to the 30's again the next day. I'm quite looking forward to "April Showers" this month, so long as the days are warmer than in March!

I finally finished my research paper today. After working on it in a bookstore Telluride, a coffee shop in the city and so many other places, I felt relieved when I put the last finishing touches on it.

My friend and I worked on our papers together yesterday (she's in the same class as me). We couldn't help but smile at the subtle changes in Chicago. As I sat in the coffee shop, I saw countless people walking their happy dogs. I saw a cardinal fly outside my window. I noticed the little tiny flowers just waking up into the world, all on the backdrop of a fresh canvas waiting to be painted green.

Somehow, the hope of Spring makes everything lighter. I have more papers after this research paper, but one step at a time. Just like Spring is a process, so learning is a process too. May we praise the Lord in the budding of flowers after winter and praise him in the full bloom of the warm Spring.


  1. I just love spring! It brings out the best in me! Haha!

  2. Claire: you rock :) PS...made a blog tonight. Threw your link on there. Let's see what happens :)


  3. Also, Spring is the beginning of the baseball season and another year of potential for Chicago Cubs fans! Hope springs eternal for Cubs fans. Let's go out to Wrigley this year and take in a Cub's game...or a double header! Go Cubs!


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