Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Family in Christ

Spending Easter weekend with Haley's grandparents was a delight. Her uncle and cousin even joined us on Sunday! The table was plentiful and the people genuine in their love and thanks for Jesus and his sacrifice for us. Jesus is risen and Sunday was a day of celebration of that truth. 

Although I am not related to these great people, the Neswolds reminded me many times that we actually are related. We're related in God's family. What a privilege to be children adopted by the Heavenly Father together. 

Thank you for serving us and welcoming us into your home this weekend! I feel ready to go into these last three weeks of school. Eeep. Three weeks and I'll be done with my first year at Moody! Hard to believe. 


  1. Delightful Claire! So loved seeing those pictures, and everyone in them! Thanks for posting. I'm so glad you got to be there for Easter.

  2. What an awesome representation of the bond that we have with one another in Christ. So awesome! Thanks for sharing, Claire!

  3. What a blessing for us to be able to give you this respite time at the farm - as well as for the precious time of rejoicing in the Resurrection together! We will be praying for your final weeks to be good ones. See you at THE WEDDING..:)


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