Friday, April 11, 2014



That's what prompted a big change this week.

On Saturday, I left the city with Mom to go stay with my parents in the suburbs for the day. I had a lot of questions on my my mind as we drove along the highway.

What do I really need or want out of my four years at Moody? What kind of experience do I want to get here? What do I find joy in? Would I actually enjoy teaching English? Do I want my PCM to be tutoring English? I love my current PCM with the kids in my after-school program - should I not do that again next year, because it doesn't line up with my TESOL major? Do I want to always be the teacher to a student? 

Am I even in the right major? 

All of these questions and more finally came flooding out into the open and Mom and I talked. This was a culmination of unvoiced thoughts that had been in the back of my mind for a long time.

I could tell the Spirit was prompting a change. I wanted to obey, not only because I know the Lord loves obedience (and because I love Him), but because I know that ultimately, His plan is so much greater than mine anyways. What do I have to lose? The better question was: What might I get to gain?

After seeking counsel from other believers, reading the Word, and praying lots, I finally decided. I handed in a special form on Tuesday.

I changed my major.

I know, that's a normal thing for freshmen to do. But it was a bigger deal for me. It will change the neatly organized plans that I had for these next years. God had to pry my fingers open, so that I would follow Him with complete abandon and full trust. I had to let go of the security of knowing I would have a "career degree" and teach English after college. It was time to put my faith in Him who really provides.

So, my announcement is:

I am now a Children's Ministry Major.

And I'm SO excited. It feels right. I feel at peace. It makes me happy to think about the new possibilities out there that God might have. I could still easily get my TESOL certification online after Moody, so if the Lord leads that way, that is a good option. Until then, I will be happily taking classes like Faith in Learning, Human Development and Foundations for Children's Ministry in the coming years.

It's scary to make this switch, but thrilling too. I have a feeling God has something bigger than I realize in this. Maybe it was just a step of obedience and growth, but maybe it was a course-correction. Either way, I know it's where I'm supposed to be, and it's quite an adventure! 


  1. aw! Friend! What a bold move for you to make! I'm so glad you're listening to God and following the direction that you feel he's leading you!

  2. That is such good news Claire as I know you will be great at this! Thank you for sharing with us how challenging decision making can be sometimes. I'll let you in on a little can be a challenge for me too!

  3. Ooooooh Claire! This sounds exciting.... and also just like Him! I love it! And love you too!


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