Thursday, March 27, 2014

On a Rainy Thursday

It's been a rich day from the beginning, when I woke up at 5AM, while it was still dark outside.

Why did I wake up at 5? To go surprise the lovely Brynna, who will be our RA next semester! We didn't do anything "mean" to wake her up (some floors blindfold the RA or spray silly-string at them), but still came bursting into her room at 5:15 to tell her that Smith 4 will be her floor next year. She already knew that she would be an RA, but which floor she'd be on was a secret until this morning (so was the fact that today would be the day she'd be woken up find out).

I can't believe how the Lord plans things sometimes. I knew my first RA before I met her (Sarah was a counselor at Gull Lake when I was there 2 years ago). My second RA, I also knew before today! I work with Brynna in Event and Guest Services, and I couldn't be more excited to live life with her on Smith next year. She's wonderful. God is such a good Father to provide these amazing RAs!

After class, it was off to Intelligentsia to see Tyler and do homework. Japanese green tea, and calming rain outside.

Then it was lunch in the cafeteria with Haley (who will officially be my sister-in-law in 64 days!!!), and an inspiring class of Intro to Disciplemaking. I hope the video we watched in class today will encourage you too. Watch the whole thing if you can - it's worth it.

I feel content and happy (and that's not only because of the caffeine that I drank today. Hehe). The beginning of my week was crazy, packed with homework and responsibilities, but it started to slow down on Wednesday. Whew. I'm glad it did. And I'm glad for Thursdays.

Lastly: I saw the very first Spring flowers (snowdrops a.k.a sněženky) in the plaza today. Bliss. 


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