Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Still There

The first time I skied, I was three years old. I learned by experiencing skiing, rather than by theory and technique.

If I hadn't learned at that age, I don't know if I would have had the guts to go down a snowy slope with two sticks on my feet. Ok, maybe I would have tried with some coaxing encouragement from Dad, but I'm definitely glad I didn't have to learn later on. When you're three, you don't really calculate what would happen if you fell. And I did. I fell as a kid, but somehow, that never deterred me from skiing. I loved it.

Somehow, in these past five years, I never skied. Until yesterday.

Our friends have ski passes that they let us borrow, so we had the opportunity to go out for the day in Telluride. I'm thankful!

I was nervous to put my feet on two skis again and go down a slope. As I rode the chairlift up with my dad, my legs felt a little like jelly. Could I really manage to remember what I learned as a kid? What if I got to the top and didn't know how to get down? Dad reassured me that it would all be fine, and that it really wasn't that hard. That helped.

As soon as I skied off that chairlift, it all started coming back. It didn't take long before it felt natural again. It brought back memories of family days on the slopes in Czech or Slovakia. I used to love to ski, and now I love it again.

The best part? A day with Dad, and soaking in the beauty of Colorado mountains. What a perfect thing to do before I go back to the city today. I feel refreshed.


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  2. AWWWW!! I love that you and dad got to ski together! And that it was such a beautiful day for it - quite the contrast to the day Caleb and dad had in January! Glad you had sunshine and blue sky! I know that was nourishing to your soul.

  3. It really is awesome that you got to have a couple of dad-daughter dates during your break. So happy to see pictures of it and kind of go on the journey with you! YAY!!


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